The Sacred Tree Year Course

Learn about the 13 Lunar Cycles & Trees Associated with Them

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

When we work with lunar cycles and work with the natural rhythms of nature, we begin to work in a flow of life, rather than always expecting ourselves to be on a one-track course. This course covers the 13 lunar cycles in a year and the sacred trees associated with each lunar cycle. This course includes studying the physical, spiritual, and mental medicines within each of the lunar cycles and trees, as well as folklore, community gatherings, creative exercises, journal prompts, and more. ✨ This course is about so much more than trees and lunar cycles. It’s about how we can reconnect to life, intricate life-changing teachings that the Earth teaches us. It’s about community, love, nature, sacred knowledge and so much more. It’s about the tree of life. What’s included? ❊ 13x 1-Hour Classes (1 per Moon/Tree cycle) ❊ ⁣Access to course teachings for each cycle ❊ Community online learning portal where you can chat with others in the course ❊ Replay/Download access to all calls to rewatch ❊ A private Facebook community to engage with other students, ask questions and receive guidance HOW IT WORKS: ❊ You'll receive an email at the beginning of each lunar cycle ❊ Once you make your donation for the session a link to the course class will be sent to your inbox for you to watch and replay anytime This program is available by sliding scale donation of $33-55+ per session to make the knowledge and healings as accessible as possible while upholding our small business. Financial accommodations are available to those in need. Here are the lunar cycles if you'd like to mark them in your calendars for the year. I highly recommend watching the classes as close to the beginning of the lunar cycles as possible! Syllabus for 13 Sacred Trees/Moons 01 of 13 Birch, the Achiever: December 24 - January 20 02 of 13 Rowan, the Thinker: January 21 - February 17 03 of 13 Ash, the Enchanter: February 18 - March 17 04 of 13 Alder, the Trailblazer: March 18 - April 14 05 of 13 Willow, the Observer: April 15 - May 12 06 of 13 Hawthorn, the Illusionist: May 13 - June 9 07 of 13 Oak, the Stabilizer: June 10 - July 7 08 of 13 Holly, the Ruler: July 8 - August 4 09 of 13 Hazel, the Knower: August 5 - September 1 10 of 13 Vine, the Equalizer: September 2 - September 29 11 of 13 Ivy, the Survivor: September 30 - October 27 12 of 13 Reed, the Inquisitor: October 28 - November 23 13 of 13 Elder, the Seeker: November 24 - December 23

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