Washable, Reusable, Biodegradable Paper-less Towel.

They look and feel like a paper towel upon contact with water and absorb 15x the amount of 1 paper towel.


This is by far one of my favourite discoveries for my home. Swedish Dishcloths make a great alternative for Paper Towels.


They are naturally made, absorbent beyond belief, biodegradable, and can last you a year or more of replacing single-use paper towels and other forms of cloth.

You can wash and hang-dry or microwave for further sanitation. These bad boys are dishwasher and washer safe.

No more buying paper towel for a whole year! Saving you money and the environment.


and yes, all our products are vegan!  🌿

*Available be bought over direct message on Instagram (allows better shipping cost estimates), or through this store. 





**Free Pickups are also available in Kelowna.

Washable Paperless Towels