Introducing the first of our Tea Soaps!

After months of planning, sourcing, and coming up with the most zero-waste options as possible we're so excited to launch our two new lines of soap, Trees and Teas!

Our tea soaps are made from locally sourced materials. We bring our jars and reusable bags in to make sure we are completely zero-waste. All our fruits are hand-cut and dried by us!

As tree lovers and tea lovers we wanted to create the perfect zero-waste product that aligns with our passions. These soaps can be used for hand, body, and for dishwashing (for best results dishwashing use reusable kitchen towels or sponges to get the soap from the bar)

All our soaps are completely zero-waste except for our soap base which we are still on the hunt for re-fill programs.


and yes, all our products are vegan!  🌿

*Available be bought over direct message on Instagram (allows better shipping cost estimates), or through this store.



**Free Pickups are also available in Kelowna.

Strawberry Rosehip Tea Soap