Nature Spiritual    Readings and Classes

Nature Spiritual Readings, Classes & Creativity Courses Available via Video

We believe our soul's purpose is to connect with the Earth and heal our relationship with nature.
We offer a variety of nature-inspired and creative spiritual readings, healings, and classes that we connect to on a deep, intuitive, and educated level.

Inspired by our Celtic heritage, we love to share our passion, our purpose, and connect to the wisdom of nature.




All our readings are recorded specifically for you on video and sent to your inbox so you can watch it any time and replay it whenever you need a refresher. These are not live calls, they are videos that are sent to you that run typically 30 mins - 1 hour long. After you have a chance to watch your reading you will have a chance to connect about anything that you may want to share that resonated with you (but there's no pressure to share, the option is only there if you would like to utilize it).

This is to make our readings accessible. We believe you should be able to be present in the moment when you're experiencing your reading, this puts the power to accommodate your schedule and your needs by having your reading ready to be watched whenever it aligns best with you.