About Sustainable Passion

Sustainable Passion is a small business that offers a curated Zero Waste Store as well as Spiritual Readings and Healings. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing and Readings Available at a Distance

Our passion for the Earth through spiritual healing and guidance is our soul-aligned purpose. We offer a variety of Earth-based spiritual services that we connect to on a deep, intuitive, and educated level. We love to share our passion, our purpose, connect to the wisdom of the earth, and tune into its healing messages.


Melissa Sorokolit

Melissa is a lightworker and spiritual healer who is attuned and connected with the Earth’s energy. She tunes into our earthly teachers to communicate their messages and bring forth their healing energy. Melissa uses her holistic knowledge surrounding the earth and its gifts to provide full clarity and insight into the various seen and unseen elements of life, allowing for expanded consciousness, state of awakening and shift in perspective of the universe.


Melissa is a multifaceted spiritual and soul-aligned lightworker. She pulls from her deep intuition and connects it to her extensive knowledge, allowing for readings that touch upon many elements and realms. Combining her love, understanding, and connectedness of trees, crystals, art, dreams, numerology, herbalism, spiritual ecology and so much more, she allows for a multi-level reading with extensive understanding.

  • Our Favourite Earth-based Spiritual Reading and Healing

    1 hr

    By Donation
  • Learn about the Medicine & Lessons of the 13 Sacred Astrological Trees

    Starts Feb 19

    By Donation
  • Tap Into the Magic, Medicine and Knowledge of the Trees

    1 hr

    By Donation
  • Learn Your Animal Angel Guide + Recieve Messages from Your Angels

    30 min

    By Donation
  • Tune Into Energy Through One of the Oldest, Favourited Traditions

    30 min

    By Donation
  • One Month Long, 1-on-1 Spiritual and/or Small Business Coaching

    1 hr

    1,111 Canadian dollars
  • Tap Into Rainbow Energy and Crystal Magic

    1 hr

    By Donation
  • Receive Guided Messages + Healing Energy from Crystals Chosen For You

    1 hr

    Donation Based
  • Gain Guidance and Healing in Your Path of Life

    1 hr

    By Donation
  • Receive Guidance in One of the Most Enlightening, Spiritual Traditions

    1 hr

    See Description
  • Gain Insight and Guidance from the Hidden Messages within Your Dreams

    30 min

    By Donation
  • Celebrate love for yourself, your relationship, or your new business

    1 hr

    222 Canadian dollars


Zero  Waste Shop

A Curated Collection of Handmade and Sourced Zero Waste Products in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Whether you are looking to spend less money on your household items, or you never want to buy another cotton swab again, by reducing your waste, you help save and heal our planet.

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Getting Out of Bed: A Zine About Healing From Trauma

Available Now

The Patricia Project:

Zero Waste Shipping

because when we say zero-waste, we mean it

All items are available for Free Pickup in Downtown Kelowna or sustainable shipping.

Shipping costs not included, calculated upon order weight.


Our packaging for shipments is apart of the Patricia Project, named after my grandmother Patricia who passed April of 2018. Growing up, my grandmother Patricia and my grandfather would wrap gifts in reused materials, such as cereal boxes, newspapers. 
I think that is a great way of practicing sustainability, kindness to others, and our earth and has inspired me to wrap our orders in the same way.


Free and Paid Events Surrounding
Sustainability, Sustainability, and Art in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Meet new people, connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge,

and leave with a new perspective on the world.