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About Honeybee.

Honeybee. is a small business that offers Nature Spiritual Classes, Readings, Events, and Creative Expression.
Founded in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Readings and Healings Available Online

Our passion for the Earth through spiritual healing and guidance is our soul-aligned purpose. We offer a variety of Earth-based spiritual services that we connect to on a deep, intuitive, and educated level. We love to share our passion, our purpose, connect to the wisdom of the earth, and tune into her healing messages.


Melissa Sorokolit

Melissa is a lightworker and spiritual healer who is highly connected with the Earth’s energy. She intuitively connects to our earthly teachers to communicate their messages and bring forth their healing energy into peoples lives.

Melissa uses her holistic knowledge surrounding the earth and its gifts to provide clarity and insight into the various seen and unseen elements of life, allowing for expanded consciousness, spiritual awakenings, and a shift in perspective of the universe.


Melissa is a holistic, multifaceted, spiritual, and soul-aligned lightworker. She connects her intuition and her extensive knowledge, allowing for readings that touch upon many elements and realms. Combining her love, understanding, and connectedness of trees, crystals, art, dreams, numerology, herbalism, spiritual ecology and so much more, she allows for a multi-level reading with extensive understanding.